Adventure of the Good Lorax : Bintan, Indonesia

I think not much word is needed as the pictures will tell whatever it is that needs to be told. *Another way of saying that I'm lazy.. ;)*

The ferry..

Arriving at Bintan Ferry Terminal ;)

The refreshing lemongrass welcome drink

The beautiful sea shells with starfish mark on it. :) Such a pretty little thing.

Us.. ;)

The beautiful setting for romantic dinner

The super clear warm sea water..

The fishermen boats and huts

The huts along Trikora Beach (Pantai Trikora)

The white sands of Trikora Beach. The sands here are all very soft and while. Almost like flour! :)

These pretty rocks seems to be scattered everywhere in Bintan..

Another pretty view from the humble fishermen hut where we eat our lunch.

Our lunch! This is super delicious! :D

I can assure you it's cooked. ;)

No need to explain this one.

The humble fishermen hut

This is where we eat our lunch.. :)

Rainbow at the end of the road

Pasar Oleh Oleh
, where we can buy any souvenirs of Bintan. With tourist price, of course :P

Hope you enjoy these pics as we are ;)

Yay For Google Goggles!

This article might came a bit late, but I am so excited about Google Goggles, and it makes me want to buy an android phone even more! :D

Basically to use this ultra handy apps is just simply :

1. Take picture of EVERYTHING you want to know
2. Send it up to Google
3. Google will be back in a sec with an explanation! (or depends on how fast is your internet connection I guess.. )

Whether its a landmark you wanted to know more about, a painting you saw somewhere, a menu in French you'd like to know what it is and how to make it, and even a road sign in Chinese you're desperately needed to know what it says!

This technology is awesome! It's almost something like Layar I guess, but more developed.

In my opinion, you'll be as knowledgeable as the Wikipedia once you have this power tool in your pocket! ;)

Singapore Art Festival 2010

Singapore Art Festival 2009; something to look forward to this coming May & June. Watch out for all the amazing free shows :D and all the spectacular opening and closing shows. :D

Click here for the complete information :
And here and here to download the Festival Guides. :D

Have a great time everyone! I know I will :D

Puggy : I Do

I love the music, love the boys, love their sense of fashion, and definitely LOVE the music video. Try listen to them, and who knows, you might find yourself another new favorite. ;)


Puggy - I Do from ChezEddy on Vimeo.

Paper Splatter Sculpture by Andreas Kocks

I can definitely saw this sculpture on the wall of some high end hotel/ restaurant. It will make a great artwork!

And while you browse all through these images, just keep in mind that these are made of paper.. :)


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the Blunt Umbrella

I think this is just what I need in this time of day.

You know that the Earth is getting hotter, and the nice and warm sunshine can be merciless to your skin by inflicting *God forbid* skin cancer. *shivers*

That's why I always carry my trusted umbrella in my bag, and use it EVERYWHERE. I may look uncool or oh-so-granny-like, but one thing I know, it will be even more un-cool if I have skin cancer! :P


This is just what I need. :)
A Blunt Umbrella!

You know how the sides of your umbrella can actually "poke" someone in the face? :D
Ah, with this cool invention, worry not people, poke no more! And we can keep on using our umbrellas everywhere without worry of hurting other people. :D

Nice! :)


Video of the Day : The Third & The Seventh

I don't really understand the correlation between the title of this short movie with the movie itself, but what I do know that this is one MAD piece of art!

Every scene is so pretty, and carefully proportioned.
And I should also warn you, bear in mind that none of what you about see is real footage! This isn’t VFX, it’s fully created with a mix of 3dsmax, Vray, After Effects, and Premiere.

And all by one person, Alex Roman *hand clapping sound fx* :D

It's just amazing. How reality can now LITERALLY being manufactured.
So who actually knows what's wrong and what's right? Or what's true and what's lies in this world?? *sigh*


Enjoy!! :D

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

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Light Calligraphy

This is super awesome!

I know that light graffiti is quite common now, but light calligraphy takes it on a higher level.

"Vivre libre" - Amphithéâtre de Fourvière - 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton - Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson

"Poésie" - Pol'n - Nantes - 2007
calligraphy and photography : Julien Breton

"Kata" - Atelier de Brusk Lyon - 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton - Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson

"Déraciné" - Lyon - 2007
Callligraphy : Julien Breton - Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson

Check out the rest of these cool work here.

Video of the Day : Maybe One Morning

Imagine on one morning, you mind your own business, doing your routine, when suddenly the world around you looses its dependence on gravity ..

Only Mario Brioschi can do it so awesomely. :D
Check it out! It's worth it!

Maybe one Morning from mario brioschi on Vimeo.

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Sushi Etiquette

This is a true lifesaver! :D

Now you know what to do when you're invited to a hip sushi bar.
Turns out that I still did few of the things in the "DON'T" list, like mixing the wasabi with the soy sauce :D

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