Video of the Day : Colorama

My goodness!

This one is a very adorable ad that really made my day. I can watch this video 100x over and still smiling :) Love the music, love the colors, love the little people.. Love it all. :D

Have a great day everyone! :)

Colorama - Makeover from Upper First on Vimeo.

Client: Colorama
Agency: McCann Malmö
Direction: Upper First
Director of Photography: Keith Loutit
Production: Upper First
Sound design: Kungen & Hertigen
Year: 2009

Cool Ad by Le Creative Sweatshop & Khuong Nguyen

A series of a very "artsy" and cool looking ad done by Le Creative Sweatshop with Khuong Nguyen.

And I can't help to see the beauty of how the art and design world and everything that surrounds us are all intertwined. And each are inspired by others.

See and read more at Designboom.

Banksy's Thoughts on Global Warming

So below is what Banksy's thoughts on global warming :

image via timesonline.

These other graffitis below I'm not sure if it has anything to do with global warming. But the most interesting part is to spot Banksy's work; even if it's as subtle as this Mr. Rat and the guy helping government to remove graffitis even from under the bridge's wall where nobody can see..

via artofthestate and their Flickr account.

10 Most Stylish Plants on Interior Design for 2010

Global warming; human's increasing awareness of the importance of embracing Nature as an integral part of our lives and not just a commodity or slaves; it inspires designers from all around the World to take a closer look at Nature and see what inspiration can it brings. For we only need to be aware, and to really see.

2009 will soon pass in just a few days.. And reminiscing the past and concept designs we've seen so far, I want to play Oracle :D and make a compendium of 10 Most Stylish Plants on Design for 2010.

So here goes (in random order) .. :D

1. Succulents

image via Obleek.

These plants are so pretty in colors; easily maintained; and most importantly, it has this structured look that makes it so in line with today's contemporary designs.

2. Tree Trunks/ Leaveless Trees

(left-right, top bottom) Mighty Aspen Glade by Peter Drobny; MICHAEL ARAM - Enchanted Forest Candleholders; wallpaper src. unknown; Massimo Iosa Ghini- Exedra nice; Steve McQueen Giardini; Slow Walk Restaurant

3. Carnivores

via California Carnivores

4. Spanish Moss

via Dezeen

5. Bamboo

6. The Creepers

(left-right) Dedon green room separator; Judy Hoysak- the bean screen

7. Moss

img source unknown

8. Grass

img source unknown

9. Moon Orchid

10. Keladi/ Colocasia esculenta

This last one is actually my personal favorite. :D

The World Without Electricity

I just read this very enlightening post and videos about The Astrolabe and Antikythera Mechanism.

The Persian astrolabe image from Wikipedia

It's so amazing and beautiful. It looks like something that comes from a parallel universe totally different from our world today. But it's not. The technology was first discovered around 200 BC; spreading from the Greek to the Arabs and then to the rest of the world. It became popular in Europe on the 13th century.

It reminds me a lot of Lyra Belacqua's Alethiometer (from the Golden Compass, the first novel in Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials).

So what does this device do?

Basically it tells time. And it features a calendar; it can show you the prayer times (for Muslim); directions for Qibla; and more than 1000 functions in relations to astronomy, astrology, horoscopes, navigation, surveying, etc.

And it runs on mechanical measures only. No battery or electricity whatsoever needed.
It's like the greenest super-computer ever! :D How cool is that?!

It made me see things from a totally different point of view. That technology doesn't equals with electricity/ electronics. It means we (the human race) can be superbly advanced in technology, and doesn't necessarily need a single watt of electricity!

And the most beautiful thing is that, to use this device, you have to connect yourself with Nature. The Universe. Because to tell the time using Astrolabe, first you will need know the name and positions of the stars in the sky; as it will correlate with the constellations that already marked in your Astrolabe's plate. It means that you have to take your time, slowing down, look up to the sky, appreciate Nature's beauty, and then it means that you'll need to have a clear & unpolluted sky.

It's a device with highly advanced technology that let us work with Nature instead of protecting ourselves from Nature (the case with some recent "advanced" technologies); which most of the time leave us totally forgetting what and where we're coming from; and merrily destroying the Nature we're supposed to protect along the way. And with that, destroying our own future.

See the enlightening talk below :) :

And other mechanical technological wonders :

The Automaton

via The Franklin Insitute

via This Recording

The Antikythera Mechanism

via and Wikipedia

Video of the Day : 2009 Alessi Christmas Collection

A cute little Christmas animation showcasing all the magical little porcelain figurines that was designed by Massimo Giacon for Alessi.

Also a good marketign strategy I should say :)


Guido Mocafico's Snakes

I'm DEFINITELY not a fan of snakes. But these pictures by the Parisian photographer are so gorgeous I just have to put it up here. :)

See the rest of these beauties here

Video of the Day : The Orf - R515

A very poetic video of 3693 images rolled into 1:13 minutes video. :)


The Orf - R515 from Mourrice Papi on Vimeo.

Via Fubiz

AQUALTA; sign of an acceptance?

In the case of long term mental illnesses (such like bipolar disorder); there are 5 distinct stages that most people commonly went through. It is Denial; Anger/ Resentment; Bargaining; Depression & Acceptance.

Ah well, now I strongly suspect that in regards to our own long term global "illness", the global warming; we've finally come to the stage of Acceptance.

And these images by Studio Lindfors; is a solid proof of it.

Read more of this awesome work at BLDGBLOG; and see more of the pics here

When I first saw these kind of images (also in BLDGBLOG) done by Pedro Armestre and Mario Gómez; I was freaking out.

I think it freaks everybody out.

Now looking back at these images by Studio Lindfors, well, maybe it's time for to come to terms with this inevitable situation; and hell, try to embrace it, and find the good side & beauty of it ...?

After all, every debt has to be paid, and this debt the industrialists has on the world's environment also has to be paid. With the lives of billions of people and every forms of life on the face of Earth.

Adventure of the GoodLorax : Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Now Jogja, (short darling name for the city :D),is the city I came to visit almost every year, like a pilgrimage of some sort, because it's where most of my relatives from my Mom's family resides.

It is beautiful city so thickly soaked in it's culture and tradition; and I took so many pictures I don't even know where to start.. :P

Let's start from the city in general then. I love this city for it's distinct Javanese architecture, the nook and crannies, their sense of humor, the humble people and the simple but meaningful way of life.

The younger generation in this city tends to be artistic. It's no coincidence. How else would you live your life if the whole community is brewing with thick soul and love for art? Dance, music, crafts from every kind of material possible.. It's the life and blood of this city.

Anyway, since I only have 1 day to spend, I decided to spend it in Kraton (the Jogjakarta Sultan's residence). It's been too long since the last time I went there. And even on that last time (around 20 years ago I think :D); I don't really walked around inside and inhaling the air of pride, honor, dignity, love, loyalty and humility. Those are sentiments and feeling that I get when I walked in the residence of the most honored and respected man in Jogja.

So here's a few snapshots of the palace. It's a very inspiring place to be. The patterns, the colors, the shapes..

Below is picture of the Royal Guards. Dressed ever so charmingly. And they conduct their duty with the best of honors and loyalty. :)

And below is my favourite picture EVER. A photograph of a Jogja princess, who also a dancer. So young, pretty, poise and very graceful.

Design 2050 : Possibilities for Tomorrow

As you can see in the above pic, the 2009 Singapore Design Festival title is Design 2050 : Possibilities for Tomorrow. A biennial event which I'm lucky enough to see this year. :) Heck, I might not be still living here next year. Anyway, the overall score is good and enlightening. Definitely inspiring, although sadly few of the events that I want to attend is either closed on weekends or fully booked. :(

Below are random arrays of the exhibition in one of the Design Hub; the City Hall.
And as my twitter-friend @artshyster said, "Visual artists interested in visuals not words"; so you won't see much of my writing on the design concept explanation. You can just google it. Here you will see visual inspirations. Things that catch my eye and would be quite useful as a design inspiration. Although sadly sometimes it wouldn't show any of the actual artwork/ design exhibited.

The the credits of each installation will of course be written. :)

Enjoy! :)

Title : Floating 2050
Artist : Marina Milosavljevic

Title : Polish Architects Exhibition 2009

Title : Singapore Souvenir
This is the most clever souvenir! I always have a hard time differentiating between Kopi, Kopi O, Kopi C and the likes of it. Something that's definitely "Uniquely Singaporean". But with this "color chart"; I wouldn't be lost anymore! :D

Title : Mobile : Vehicles & Platforms
Artist : Anita Nevens

Title : Sustainab.Italy

Title : CCC Character Festival
Artists : Atelier Sango, Planet Planter, Hexa Project

Title : V for Vase
Artist : Hans Tan Studio

Title : Beyond Typography - Singapore Pangram

Now this is also one exhibition that allow us to explore a whole lot of different experience. But the room is too dark for me to take any pictures. Maybe it's better to leave it in the dark, and just put it as a reminder for a good spatial & visual experience. What's left above are the ones that can be easily photographed.