Adventure of the GoodLorax : Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Now Jogja, (short darling name for the city :D),is the city I came to visit almost every year, like a pilgrimage of some sort, because it's where most of my relatives from my Mom's family resides.

It is beautiful city so thickly soaked in it's culture and tradition; and I took so many pictures I don't even know where to start.. :P

Let's start from the city in general then. I love this city for it's distinct Javanese architecture, the nook and crannies, their sense of humor, the humble people and the simple but meaningful way of life.

The younger generation in this city tends to be artistic. It's no coincidence. How else would you live your life if the whole community is brewing with thick soul and love for art? Dance, music, crafts from every kind of material possible.. It's the life and blood of this city.

Anyway, since I only have 1 day to spend, I decided to spend it in Kraton (the Jogjakarta Sultan's residence). It's been too long since the last time I went there. And even on that last time (around 20 years ago I think :D); I don't really walked around inside and inhaling the air of pride, honor, dignity, love, loyalty and humility. Those are sentiments and feeling that I get when I walked in the residence of the most honored and respected man in Jogja.

So here's a few snapshots of the palace. It's a very inspiring place to be. The patterns, the colors, the shapes..

Below is picture of the Royal Guards. Dressed ever so charmingly. And they conduct their duty with the best of honors and loyalty. :)

And below is my favourite picture EVER. A photograph of a Jogja princess, who also a dancer. So young, pretty, poise and very graceful.

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