AQUALTA; sign of an acceptance?

In the case of long term mental illnesses (such like bipolar disorder); there are 5 distinct stages that most people commonly went through. It is Denial; Anger/ Resentment; Bargaining; Depression & Acceptance.

Ah well, now I strongly suspect that in regards to our own long term global "illness", the global warming; we've finally come to the stage of Acceptance.

And these images by Studio Lindfors; is a solid proof of it.

Read more of this awesome work at BLDGBLOG; and see more of the pics here

When I first saw these kind of images (also in BLDGBLOG) done by Pedro Armestre and Mario Gómez; I was freaking out.

I think it freaks everybody out.

Now looking back at these images by Studio Lindfors, well, maybe it's time for to come to terms with this inevitable situation; and hell, try to embrace it, and find the good side & beauty of it ...?

After all, every debt has to be paid, and this debt the industrialists has on the world's environment also has to be paid. With the lives of billions of people and every forms of life on the face of Earth.

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