Design 2050 : Possibilities for Tomorrow

As you can see in the above pic, the 2009 Singapore Design Festival title is Design 2050 : Possibilities for Tomorrow. A biennial event which I'm lucky enough to see this year. :) Heck, I might not be still living here next year. Anyway, the overall score is good and enlightening. Definitely inspiring, although sadly few of the events that I want to attend is either closed on weekends or fully booked. :(

Below are random arrays of the exhibition in one of the Design Hub; the City Hall.
And as my twitter-friend @artshyster said, "Visual artists interested in visuals not words"; so you won't see much of my writing on the design concept explanation. You can just google it. Here you will see visual inspirations. Things that catch my eye and would be quite useful as a design inspiration. Although sadly sometimes it wouldn't show any of the actual artwork/ design exhibited.

The the credits of each installation will of course be written. :)

Enjoy! :)

Title : Floating 2050
Artist : Marina Milosavljevic

Title : Polish Architects Exhibition 2009

Title : Singapore Souvenir
This is the most clever souvenir! I always have a hard time differentiating between Kopi, Kopi O, Kopi C and the likes of it. Something that's definitely "Uniquely Singaporean". But with this "color chart"; I wouldn't be lost anymore! :D

Title : Mobile : Vehicles & Platforms
Artist : Anita Nevens

Title : Sustainab.Italy

Title : CCC Character Festival
Artists : Atelier Sango, Planet Planter, Hexa Project

Title : V for Vase
Artist : Hans Tan Studio

Title : Beyond Typography - Singapore Pangram

Now this is also one exhibition that allow us to explore a whole lot of different experience. But the room is too dark for me to take any pictures. Maybe it's better to leave it in the dark, and just put it as a reminder for a good spatial & visual experience. What's left above are the ones that can be easily photographed.

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