10 Most Stylish Plants on Interior Design for 2010

Global warming; human's increasing awareness of the importance of embracing Nature as an integral part of our lives and not just a commodity or slaves; it inspires designers from all around the World to take a closer look at Nature and see what inspiration can it brings. For we only need to be aware, and to really see.

2009 will soon pass in just a few days.. And reminiscing the past and concept designs we've seen so far, I want to play Oracle :D and make a compendium of 10 Most Stylish Plants on Design for 2010.

So here goes (in random order) .. :D

1. Succulents

image via Obleek.

These plants are so pretty in colors; easily maintained; and most importantly, it has this structured look that makes it so in line with today's contemporary designs.

2. Tree Trunks/ Leaveless Trees

(left-right, top bottom) Mighty Aspen Glade by Peter Drobny; MICHAEL ARAM - Enchanted Forest Candleholders; wallpaper src. unknown; Massimo Iosa Ghini- Exedra nice; Steve McQueen Giardini; Slow Walk Restaurant

3. Carnivores

via California Carnivores

4. Spanish Moss

via Dezeen

5. Bamboo

6. The Creepers

(left-right) Dedon green room separator; Judy Hoysak- the bean screen

7. Moss

img source unknown

8. Grass

img source unknown

9. Moon Orchid

10. Keladi/ Colocasia esculenta

This last one is actually my personal favorite. :D

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