the Blunt Umbrella

I think this is just what I need in this time of day.

You know that the Earth is getting hotter, and the nice and warm sunshine can be merciless to your skin by inflicting *God forbid* skin cancer. *shivers*

That's why I always carry my trusted umbrella in my bag, and use it EVERYWHERE. I may look uncool or oh-so-granny-like, but one thing I know, it will be even more un-cool if I have skin cancer! :P


This is just what I need. :)
A Blunt Umbrella!

You know how the sides of your umbrella can actually "poke" someone in the face? :D
Ah, with this cool invention, worry not people, poke no more! And we can keep on using our umbrellas everywhere without worry of hurting other people. :D

Nice! :)


Video of the Day : The Third & The Seventh

I don't really understand the correlation between the title of this short movie with the movie itself, but what I do know that this is one MAD piece of art!

Every scene is so pretty, and carefully proportioned.
And I should also warn you, bear in mind that none of what you about see is real footage! This isn’t VFX, it’s fully created with a mix of 3dsmax, Vray, After Effects, and Premiere.

And all by one person, Alex Roman *hand clapping sound fx* :D

It's just amazing. How reality can now LITERALLY being manufactured.
So who actually knows what's wrong and what's right? Or what's true and what's lies in this world?? *sigh*


Enjoy!! :D

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

via shapeandcolour

Light Calligraphy

This is super awesome!

I know that light graffiti is quite common now, but light calligraphy takes it on a higher level.

"Vivre libre" - Amphithéâtre de Fourvière - 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton - Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson

"Poésie" - Pol'n - Nantes - 2007
calligraphy and photography : Julien Breton

"Kata" - Atelier de Brusk Lyon - 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton - Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson

"Déraciné" - Lyon - 2007
Callligraphy : Julien Breton - Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson

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