Vhils, aka Alexandre Farto : Scratching the Surface

So this is Vhils' (aka Alexandre Farto) first UK solo show entitled "Scratching the Surface", where an act of destruction literally becomes a stunning work of art. Makes me re-think about the means of beauty in this world.

See more of this visual goodness here

And see here if you want to see how this guy make his artworks. Totally awesome video, I feel so excited and inspired just by looking at this guy working.. Damn cool! :)

Video of the Day : Whale Song by Optus

A very beautiful ad. See that ancient creature rise from the depth of the ocean by the call of the orchestra? Awesome!

The ad was created by M&C Saatchi for Communication company Optus.

via http://www.optuswhalesong.com.au/ and Trendhunter

The Panda-elephants of Thailand

So what is this weird animal?

I think you can already see from the title, but to me the elephants didn't looked like a panda at all. They looked strangely like some Guantanamo prisoners, without the orange uniforms. :P

Anyway, in the event of the birth of panda cub in the Thailand Chiang Mai Zoo which attracted so much attention from tourists and the Thais, the zoo staff decided to use the event to paint these poor elephants with white to make it looked like a panda also, reminding the visitors that these elephants also need the same attention and care since these animals are the symbol of their country.

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Video of the Day : Materialization of a Beauty - Speed Painting by Danny Roberts

Hello! :)

Hope this pretty little video will brightens up this beautiful Sunday. I just LOOVE the music, and I enjoy the materialization of a beauty from the painter's brush. It all reminds me of a very beautiful day, with lots of sunshine and joy and warmth and happiness that's just shines through everyone. Lovely! :)

taken from http://igorandandre.blogspot.com/2009/07/birthday-short.html

The Crystal City by Donna Ong (Singapore)

The skyline of a glass city stretches horizontally into the distance as clear turrets of glass rise vertically. Amber lights shine through their faceted surfaces, creating amorphous patterns that shift and change as the lights dim and brighten. This illusion of a glass city is created using ordinary everyday objects as crystal bottles, jars, cups, bowls and decanters.

To me, this artwork is an interesting design idea for a restaurant. :) Don't you think?

* part of the texts are taken from from the Night Festival's Event Guide

The Beginning by Sun Yu-Li (Singapore)

So that night, is a night of beauty.

After I went out from the Museum through the side door, and saw the Tree right away, I only need to glance to my left and there I see this little beauty sitting pretty right under the Banyan Tree.

The Beginning is a stainless steel sculpture with LED lights; the spiral form of which resembles a massive DNA model glowing in the night. Sun Yu-Li adopts the approach "sculpture as a place", in which the work incites the viewer to moce or explore within its space.

* part of the texts are taken from from the Night Festival's Event Guide

The Tree by FARM (Singapore)

This very cool looking structure (it reminds me of something, but I couldn't remember what. Maybe some science fiction movie, or the Transformers?) meant to be an interpretation of the National Museum's Banyan Tree.

It is made out of several interlocking frames with lights that pulsates gently in the night. Hanging microphones simulating that of aerial roots will detect environmental sounds and alter the lighting nature of The Tree-- glowing intensely and dimming down with the rising and falling sound levels.

This installation will inspire people to slow down, take a breather and simply bask in this recreation of nature's wonder.

And if you wonder what does the infamous Banyan Tree that inspired this particular artwork, see image below. And pardon me for the blurry image. It's the camera, not me. :)

* part of the texts are taken from from the Night Festival's Event Guide

must watch : Herb & Dorothy - a film by Megumi Sasaki

HERB & DOROTHY Trailer from Herb & Dorothy on Vimeo.

This is definitely a must watch movie, the top on my list! Though I still don't know where can I catch this one in Singapore.. :-S

Taken from the Director's Statement :

It is not just a film about art collector, or art, but mostly it's a film about the power of passion and love, and a celebration of life.

This film also sends out the message that art is not limited to the elite few. You don't have to be wealthy or an art school graduate to enjoy art. If you are interested in collecting art you don't have to follow trends or others' advice. Just listen to your own voice. Trust your eyes and instinct. Simply take the time to look, look and look.

I hope to share the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel with as large an audience as possible, particularly with those who appreciate the passion of creativity in any of the fine arts. Or to those who are intimidated and discouraged in taking up an interest in art, simply because of their lack of education or money. Or to anybody who is trying to survive day-to-day living. You may not have lots of money. Your job may be boring. Still life can be exciting and fulfilling to the extent that we allow ourselves to follow our passions.

Synopsis from the original website.

HERB & DOROTHY tells the extraordinary story of Herbert Vogel, a postal clerk, and Dorothy Vogel, a librarian, who managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history with very modest means.
In the early 1960s, when very little attention was paid to Minimalist and Conceptual Art, Herb and Dorothy Vogel quietly began purchasing the works of unknown artists. Devoting all of Herb's salary to purchase art they liked, and living on Dorothy's paycheck alone, they continued collecting artworks guided by two rules: the piece had to be affordable, and it had to be small enough to fit in their one-bedroom Manhattan apartment. Within these limitations, they proved themselves curatorial visionaries; most of those they supported and befriended went on to become world-renowned artists including Sol LeWitt, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Richard Tuttle, Chuck Close, Robert Mangold, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Lynda Benglis, Pat Steir, Robert Barry, Lucio Pozzi, and Lawrence Weiner.

After thirty years of meticulous collecting and buying, the Vogels managed to accumulate over 2,000 pieces, filling every corner of their tiny one bedroom apartment. "Not even a toothpick could be squeezed into the apartment," recalls Dorothy. In 1992, the Vogels decided to move their entire collection to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The vast majority of their collection was given as a gift to the institution. Many of the works they acquired appreciated so significantly over the years that their collection today is worth millions of dollars. Still, the Vogels never sold a single piece. Today Herb and Dorothy still live in the same apartment in New York with 19 turtles, lots of fish, and one cat. They've refilled it with piles of new art they've acquired.

HERB & DOROTHY is directed by first time filmmaker Megumi Sasaki. The film received the Golden Starfish Award for the Best Documentary Film and Audience Award from the 2008 Hamptons International Film Festival. It has also received Audience Awards from the 2008 SILVERDOCS Film Festival and the 2009 Philadelphia Cinefest. Palm Springs International Film Festival named HERB & DOROTHY one of their "Best of Fest" films in 2009.

Cats of The World III

Do come and visit this little exhibition in the Arts House from 9 - 28 July 2009; 10am - 10pm if you want to feel a little love, happiness and warmth.

A smile is guaranteed! :)

When I came down to see this exhibition this afternoon and start scanning through the photos, a smile just formed across my face. Instantly. I don't even realize that I was grinning until a few seconds later. And then I see other people who come to see the exhibition, and I saw smiles on their faces also! :D It's just.. priceless!

It's such a rare thing you know. In an art exhibition, and people just smile affectionately to whatever it is exhibited.. It's nothing avant garde or artsy fartsy, but just a very simple, small and heartwarming exhibition.

In Love with BANKSY

BANKSY, the ever mysterious graffiti artist that started his career by stenciling on the Bristol city walls in the 1990s and currently an international art-megastar (if there's such thing :P) with equally (and more!) famous collectors such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera; has opened his first exhibition in Bristol, the very city that becomes one of his first canvas.

It's kind of romantic in a way. :)

Because he used to be chased out by the police for his "vandalism"; which now worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and very well conserved.. Talking about irony.. So, I feel the exhibition title and design below is perfect for this exhibition.

And here's a glimpse of what you might see in the Bristol exhibition.

BANKSY is also known for his headline-making stunts, such as leaving an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo prisoner in Disneyland, California, and hanging a version of the Mona Lisa - but with a smiley face - in the Louvre, Paris.

The six figures price tag is just an added bonus, a form of appreciation. But the best thing is that he gets his honest message across, and it is not politicize by any one.

Here is my personal favorite, his stencil graffiti at the West Bank barrier separating Israelis and Palestinians.

A very deep, honest, thought provoking and amusing street art. Love it! :)

for further reading & images are taken from here, trendhunter; dailymail; bbc; bbc; MIL

The Aesthetics of Lady Gaga

I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga.

I think she's too pop(ular) and her music is just okay. But her costumes and her self presentations are a constant visual feast and so artistic, that I have to put it up in this blog. :)

The first pic of her that really caught me about her artistic presentation is this cover on Rolling Stone magazine, shot by photographer David LaChapelle.

Veeeryyy cool !! :)

And it's simply can be inspirations for any other kind of art. Visual, interior, architecture, graphic. Anything!

So I dig more from the www and found these collection of images below. Enjoy! :)

The Trees of Singapore

I love the trees in Singapore.

As you know, this sunny little island of a country is aiming to be a Garden City. And I support that very much.

As you can see in the pics, those trees are hauntingly beautiful. And I love having them in such close proximity. I snapped these images over the past 1.5 years, just for the love of it, not knowing that someday I can make a post out of it :)

Indonesia must have much much more beautiful trees. I know that. But somehow, all those beauties is just covered, unseen, forgotten, or worst, abused. Covered in dust, in pollution, in the shrill of car horns, the blaring of car engines, and the dark cloud of fog from automobile exhaust pipes.


Singapore Night Festival 2009

This is my most awaited events of the year, after the Opening of Singapore Art Festival 2009, which is not as good as I expected it to be. Not nearly as good as the Waterfools last year.


But I still have hopes for this year's Singapore Night Festival, and hope that there will be something nearly as nice (or nicer) that Studio Festi's beautiful, stunning and magical performance last year.

So do watch out for Singapore Night Festival 2009, coming this week, on Friday and Saturday; 10-11 July 2009 from 8 pm to 2 am.

A warm, beautiful and magical night is guaranteed! :D But I believe it's going to be really crowded also. As usual. :P

lygia pape: 'tteia I, C' at venice art biennale 09

Read more about this beautiful installation by Brazilian artist Lygia Pape at the at Venice Art Biennale 09 in the link below.

Enjoy! :)
lygia pape: 'tteia I, C' at venice art biennale 09

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KYTV P.O.P Station Tour : Singapore 2009

Last weekend I went to see this exhibition at Jendela Arts Space (Esplanade). What interest me if of course, the peculiar costumes and funny poses. :)

But turns out that P.O.P (The Politics of the Popular) is more than that.

It is a satirical approach of the Pop Star-dom creation process. By the application of "standard" pop star-dom manufacturing tools like a music video, a song, and a popular fashion attributes; an instant pop star can be created. Anyone can be a pop star. Including you! :)

And KYTV (Kill Your Television) has set up several P.O.P Station to do just that. They set it up in various cities like Singapore, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bangkok, London & Berlin; providing the necessary expertise/ support for any individuals/ groups who wanted to be recognized in their grandeur, and later on instantly uploads it on Youtube and within 24 hours, you can collect your personal music video to add to your home collection.

via http://kytvpopstation.wordpress.com/about/
and click here if you wanted to see the videos. Pretty hillarious! :)