The Tree by FARM (Singapore)

This very cool looking structure (it reminds me of something, but I couldn't remember what. Maybe some science fiction movie, or the Transformers?) meant to be an interpretation of the National Museum's Banyan Tree.

It is made out of several interlocking frames with lights that pulsates gently in the night. Hanging microphones simulating that of aerial roots will detect environmental sounds and alter the lighting nature of The Tree-- glowing intensely and dimming down with the rising and falling sound levels.

This installation will inspire people to slow down, take a breather and simply bask in this recreation of nature's wonder.

And if you wonder what does the infamous Banyan Tree that inspired this particular artwork, see image below. And pardon me for the blurry image. It's the camera, not me. :)

* part of the texts are taken from from the Night Festival's Event Guide

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