KYTV P.O.P Station Tour : Singapore 2009

Last weekend I went to see this exhibition at Jendela Arts Space (Esplanade). What interest me if of course, the peculiar costumes and funny poses. :)

But turns out that P.O.P (The Politics of the Popular) is more than that.

It is a satirical approach of the Pop Star-dom creation process. By the application of "standard" pop star-dom manufacturing tools like a music video, a song, and a popular fashion attributes; an instant pop star can be created. Anyone can be a pop star. Including you! :)

And KYTV (Kill Your Television) has set up several P.O.P Station to do just that. They set it up in various cities like Singapore, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bangkok, London & Berlin; providing the necessary expertise/ support for any individuals/ groups who wanted to be recognized in their grandeur, and later on instantly uploads it on Youtube and within 24 hours, you can collect your personal music video to add to your home collection.

and click here if you wanted to see the videos. Pretty hillarious! :)

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