Sing Art Fest 09 : The Diamond

Last Friday is holiday at my office. It's Eat-With-Your-Family Day. I was just wondering, say if I have a family here, and my spouse is working (because his office didn't have such kind of holiday), and my children all went to school, then who am I supposed to eat with?! Anyways it's good. At least we can wind up for a bit.

And so I went to see this Special (FREE!) Events for the Singapore Art Festival 2009 called the Diamond, by The Dream Engine (UK). It's at Merlion Park, at 7 pm; a very nice place where you can smell the ocean and feel the wind and sat at the warm concrete outdoor seatings, heated a few hours earlier by the blazing sun. But at 7 pm the wind was already cool but the seating still kept the warmth of the sun .. So it's veery nice. :)

Perfect choice of place and perfect timing. :)

And the show was also beautiful. There's a little glitch in the sound systems because the music stopped for a few seconds a couple of times, but overall it's still a beautiful show.

In the above pictures you can see how the gigantic 11 meters height jellyfish gracefully come to life (yes I know it was called the Diamond, but I feel it looked more like a jellyfish than a diamond. But jellyfish is also a beautiful creature, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with it)

As it bloomed, you can see the girl inside dances ever so gracefully, and with the play of lights and the music, makes is a very pleasing combination.

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