Adventure of the Good Lorax : Bintan, Indonesia

I think not much word is needed as the pictures will tell whatever it is that needs to be told. *Another way of saying that I'm lazy.. ;)*

The ferry..

Arriving at Bintan Ferry Terminal ;)

The refreshing lemongrass welcome drink

The beautiful sea shells with starfish mark on it. :) Such a pretty little thing.

Us.. ;)

The beautiful setting for romantic dinner

The super clear warm sea water..

The fishermen boats and huts

The huts along Trikora Beach (Pantai Trikora)

The white sands of Trikora Beach. The sands here are all very soft and while. Almost like flour! :)

These pretty rocks seems to be scattered everywhere in Bintan..

Another pretty view from the humble fishermen hut where we eat our lunch.

Our lunch! This is super delicious! :D

I can assure you it's cooked. ;)

No need to explain this one.

The humble fishermen hut

This is where we eat our lunch.. :)

Rainbow at the end of the road

Pasar Oleh Oleh
, where we can buy any souvenirs of Bintan. With tourist price, of course :P

Hope you enjoy these pics as we are ;)

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