art scene investigation : Verner Panton, a feast for the eye!

Name of venue : National Museum of Singapore
Address : 93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897
How to go here: Walk for 5 mins from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Interchange (NS24/NE6/CC1)
Attraction : The works of Verner Panton
Entry Fee : S$ 6

I've been wanting to see this exhibition since the first time I saw this image on the National Museum's event guide.

It's calling me. :D

One glance at the color, the shape, and the resulted space is enough for me to make my first paid entry to NMS.

But subliminally (which wouldn't be subliminal anymore since I already flaunt and analyze it here), I think one of the first thing that intrigue me about this particular exhibition is that I feel like I'm in the same direction with Verner Panton. As a designer, I LOVE bold colors. And I love unusual shapes. But most of the times I've to suppressed my interest in colors and shapes because I was afraid to be told "unsophisticated" or "not trendy" or "childish", or even "ridiculous".

But here I can see, one successful example. That bold colors ARE cool. :)

So, let the journey begin ..

The most popular and widely recognizable design of Verner Panton is this one :

It is called the Panton Chair. First time I saw this chair is on a juice bar in Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung, Indonesia. They were using the yellow ones, on a all white interior with a tinge of green. I think it's about 5 years ago. And the chair was designed in 1967 ...

Ha! :D

I probably am not so knowledgeable, but at least I'm learning, right? :D *self-justification*

Anyway, those of you who knows me must be familiar with my very bad memory. I prefer to say that I've a very selective memory. *another self-justification* :D So why do I remember this specific piece? Simply because it's just so amazing! At the first glance, I'm instantly attracted by the color. And the shape is so intriguing. Makes me wonder how does it feel to sit on it. And on my next visit to Bandung, I tried. And the chair doesn't ceased to amaze me. It is "springy". And it's not what I'm expected. I thought the chair must be stiff, just like any other plastic chairs. But no. The chair bounces off, back and forth so sexily and comfortably. My goodness ...

So that's why, I really can relate to this "instruction" on the wall. :D And wishing that my hubby will buy me one Panton chair so I can put the instruction into practice .. ;)

Anyway, another popular piece by Panton is probably this one :

It is called the Heart Chair. Designed in 1957. Geez !!!

This exhibition is a truly a feast for the eye. Even for a child, or someone who doesn't have any interest whatsoever in art & design world.

The base color for the whole exhibition is black. But then they create boxes for each theme (Early Works, System Furniture, The Panton Chair, Experimental Furniture, Lighting, etc), painted it in the boldest color possible and with a color strengthening lighting, it creates an amazing space and a very memorable performance.

And then, I went to the highlight of the show. I deliberately save this one, presumably the best, for last. The very thing that caught my eye and makes me want to come and see the exhibition. The Phantasy Landscape. Yes, it's Phantasy with Ph- and not F-. Don't ask me why. :)

Before entering this Phantasy Land, there's 1 person regulating at the entrance, requiring us to take off our shoes and wear this blue plastic bag to cover our feet. And they will give one squirt of hand sanitizer just to make sure that we're all good and sterile. :)

And then I'd like to end this post with a very precious words of wisdom from the Master himself :

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