art scene investigation : Love Tank

Once again I saw another towering pink/ magenta structure at the NMS's Rotunda. Both by an Indonesian artists. Is this a coincidence? I surely hope so. I dont want to think of other kinky possibility. Or maybe I already did. :D

On the left, is called "Surrounding David", by Titarubi; exhibited on NMS at March 6th 2008 - August 11th 2008. On the right, is the object of our review, "the Love Tank (the Temple)", by S. Teddy Darmawan; will occupy the NMS's rotunda for 5 months, since May 1st 2009 up to October 4th 2009.

Now you see what I mean? ;)

Anyway ..

At the first sight, without reading the piece's description, I thought it's some kind of peace offering symbol, or maybe a symbolization of freedom.

And reading the description, turns out that I'm a bit far off. This piece has nothing to do with peace or freedom. But it surely have something to do with love, if that's any consolation .. :P

In short, this installation is a symbolization of East meet West; and how the "physical strength" (depicted by tanks, an obviously powerful killing machine) of the Western culture, when combined with Eastern culture's "Inner Strength" (love, of course); can be a super powerful tool to .. mm.. break the walls? :D

And here's my favourite part :

See that?! Even the tank's canon is in heart shape! LOL! :D The only thing that can be shoot out of that thing is love and love only. ;)

For those of you who wants to read the actual description (instead of my distorted ones :D). Just zoom into this image below.


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