Journey to the Crocs Mega Sale 2009

Name of venue : EXPO Singapore, Hall 4
Address : 1 Expo Drive, #01-01 Singapore 486150
How to go here: Take MRT to Expo MRT Station (CG1), Green Line. Veeery easy ;)
Attraction : usually, ANY kind of sale, but for now, of course, the Crocs Mega Sale

PS : I just know that EXPO MRT Station was designed by Sir Norman Foster. Ha! :D How cool is that?!?

Reminiscing my first encounter w/ Crocs, is when I'm on a quest- in search of the perfect footwear -since I walked practically everywhere. I definitely wanted a plastic shoe, so I would no longer worry about how my expensive leather shoe got heart-wrenching scratches from over-walked or falling apart due to soaking by rain water. Now 500m distant is nothing on me. ;)

And today is the big day. I went to the sale. Its the HUGE annual Crocs Sale (yaayyy!!) here in Singapore, happening on 22-24 May 09 and I hope it wouldn't be as crazy and disorganized as the one in Jakarta.

On the bus I met this old lady with purple cotton-candy like hair, purple blouse in flower pattern and I swear she smells like candy!

So ...

13.20, I joined the queu line at already 154m length (1.5 row of the length hall + a few more metres in front of the hall *yes, I am that bored*)

13.52, I finally went into the sale hall, did a few rounds of waiting digging trying and browsing ..

15.31, no queu at all at cash payment. Even on my way out, already there's no queu to enter. But then for sure all the nice models and the common sizes are already wiped out. But who knows, maybe tomorrow they will open new sets of boxes filled with nice models, reasonable color and normal human adult sizes.

But all in all, I think this sale is quite okay. The queue was bearable, the discount was significant, I got a nice shoe, hubby got what he wants although in another color, plus an extra sandal. :)

A tip for me and anybody else who wants to come to such sale next year (if Crocs still exist, that is), do come at the earliest, 1st day of sale, right at the starting hour if possible. It will took quite an effort (e.g. take a day off from work), but it will definitely worth it. :P

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