Vlinder Furniture

Vlinder is an Indonesia-based unique furniture company, besides everything else. Based in Bandung, in the heart of education, youth and creativity of Indonesia (besides Yogyakarta, of course), makes it a perfect place for such a brand to flourish.

Their premiere creations are using the Playful theme. Some of the products are hilarious and sometimes ridiculous, but definitely a great conversation starter.

Below is the Laptop Pingpong, their best selling item. It's actually a Laptop table with storage and obviously also functioned as an exercise tool for those who couldn't be away from their laptop (and the table) and in need of a little fun to brightened up the stuffed minds. :)

This next piece is a Tetris inspired shelving system. A modular shelves which can be bought per piece or the whole set that can also functioned as a room divider.

Another highlight from their Playful line is the Rak Pohon (Tree Shelf). This shelf has also incorporate light and carpet in the design. Which makes it a very convenient creation for all the bookworms out there. :)

The last (but not least!) design for Vlinder's Playful line is the Meja Setrika Neraka or Hell's Ironing Board. When I first saw this design I can't stop laughing. :D The design was obviously affected by general depiction of hell, a scary place with lots of horrible fire and tormenting tools for people who has wasted their life on Earth by doing more evil than good. In the promotional image you can see this dark-robed guy with horn (presumably the Devil himself), is ironing this board. Which shaped like a person with anguished (if not excited) expression. :D

All of this products (and more!) you can see in their official website http://vlinderism.multiply.com/ .

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