Indonesian Poem : Aku , by Chairil Anwar (1948)

I've posted another poem by Chairil Anwar (1922-1949) here.

As you can read below, his poems are soulful, touching, and powerful. And it gives a tug in my heart. And I hope that it will gives a powerful tug in your hearts as well. :)

This great poet died in the youthful age of 27. Died of TBC and Syphilis. :-S Imagine what he will become when he manage to live until 90!

In this poem, I think he's talking about himself. About his undying spirit; and his adamant determination.

And his spirit is indeed lives on, in his creations. :)


Kalau sampai waktuku
'Ku mau tak seorang kan merayu
Tidak juga kau

Tak perlu sedu sedan itu

Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang

Biar peluru menembus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang

Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari
Hingga hilang pedih peri

Dan aku akan lebih tidak perduli

Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi

Maret 1943


When my time come
No one's going to cry for me,
And you won't, either

The hell with all those tears!

I'm a wild beast
Driven out of the herd

Bullets may pierce my skin
I shall still strike and march forth,

Wounds and poison shall I take aflee
'Til the pain and pang should disappear

And I won't give a damn

I want to live another thousand years

(mixed of translation by Burton Raffel & some other)

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